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Tesla Center Console Armrest Cover Protector for Model 3/Y

Tesla Center Console Armrest Cover Protector for Model 3/Y

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  • 🌟PERFECT FITTING, UNRIVALED COMFORT: Elevate your Tesla experience with the Add-On Design Armrest Protector — precision-crafted to flawlessly fit all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Our protector maintains the ideal thickness, ensuring seamless seat movements and console closure.
  • 🚀OEM APPEARANCE: Transform your Tesla's interior with our exclusive OEM White color. Meticulously designed by the Add-On Design Team, our armrest protector seamlessly integrates for a sleek, factory-fresh appearance — no straps required.
  • 💪STRONG PROTECTION: Crafted from top-notch flexible TPE material by our Add-On Design team, our protector stands guard against scratches. Easy to clean and quick to dry.
  • ⏱️EASY INSTALLATION: Enjoy a hassle-free installation that takes a mere 15 seconds. No tools or complex maneuvers needed — our protector is a quick and convenient enhancement for your Tesla.

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