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Car LED Sign Display Screen

Car LED Sign Display Screen

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  • Perfect for Cars, Office and home: Our interactive led signs turns your window into a captivating advertising platform with vivid, realistic images, banners and signs customize. 
  • Practical Features: Our car led sign display screen can be used as showing signs to other vehicles. This car sign display screen will make driving more safe, fun and engaging. 
  • High Resolution Display: Revel in a vibrant 9.6” full-color display and 32x32 pixel resolution for striking pixel art. The high-definition full-color LED screen, equipped with high-brightness LED bulbs and a high refresh rate driver chip, delivers vivid and realistic car signs and images, transforming your car window into an eye-catching and premium full-color emoticon panel.
  • Easy Installation & Control: Effortlessly install our LED digital display screen within minutes and control our Smart LED screen via a user-friendly app.
  • Personalization Features: Infuse fun and personality with personal images and led car sign animations. Add an extra layer of uniqueness to your ca by our led car sign programmable options.

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